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'Not for Sale' Transfer Sticker

'Not for Sale' Transfer Sticker

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These transfer stickers can be applied to any smooth surface including windows and painted surfaces such as a gun cabinet or vehicle. We recommend cleaning and degreasing the surface thoroughly before applying for maximum adhesion and longevity. Durable & ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Approximately 4.5"H x 9"W

Application directions:

  1. Clean application surface to remove dust, dirt or grease. Glass cleaner or vinegar work great for most smooth surfaces!
  2. Remove sticker backing (leave clear front film in place)
  3. Apply firmly to surface, starting from one edge and working toward opposite edge of sticker
  4. Carefully peel front clear film off of sticker. If sticker segment starts to lift with clear film, try removing it from a different side/angle.
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